Female empowerment has never been stronger! Proving time and time again that lyrical ability isn’t a gender or age restricted art, 23 year old Toronto-born Haviah Mighty is recklessly edging her way into music as a new face in Hip Hop and R&B.

With her hands in several pots – vocal, rap, production and DJ – she’s making it clear you should know the name. Haviah has released 4 projects in total and has acquired radio play (on several college stations) and iTunes play for her latest release “Bass Loud.” Over the past few years, she has performed at many venues including The MOD Club and the Drake Hotel.

She has also participated in many festivals/events, most notably Manifesto, CMW and Honey Jam. Over the past few months, she has been working on new music, releasing covers, and was recently featured in a TeamBackPack cypher that got her over 2 million views (and counting) on Facebook.

A natural born talent, Haviah Mighty has big plans for 2016 and onward.





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