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((( PSY-NATION ))) Wed. Sept 11th, 2013 

Nelson’s A 1Vibe Psychedelic Movement

 ++ Blacklights & Banners ++

Finally we made it happen people!!


@ Lord Nelson’s1020-8th Ave SWCalgary, AB

403 232 6704

After many sucessful, Electro/House nights, I figured it’s about time to provide a genuine underground night for all you techno heads and old school ravers, it will be every second Wednesday of the month. I personally was able to recruit a well know local KEN PUSHA, who has played epic sets at amazing places like Motion Notion Music Festival. Plus the rest of the Djs I have selected to provide your musical enjoyment for the night all feel a strong connection to The Euphoric High Energy Sound of Psy-Trance. Come one come all for this special night which will take u for a ride and elevate your mind through a psychedelic adventure to a deeper sound experience.
“BILLY MAYS Here! to tell u about a wonderful new weight loss program. Women all over have shed as much as 35 pounds in only month, dancing the night away to 1Vibe Dj’s. 1Vibe entertainment provides u with a Dancing solution to shed shed the pounds. Our program runs about twice a week, with different levers of intensity (BPMS), that is just perfect for you” lol 😉

P.L.U.R. in full effect!! Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.

Elegant 300+ Venue with an inset dance floor, pool tables, vlt’s and even fooz ball.

Doors open real early and the party starts @ 8:30pm


9-10___ DAITYA – Dark Prog Psy

10-11___PSYBORG – Dark Prog Psy 

11-12___ DAEKANO- Psy Trance

12-1___ KEN PUSHA – Psy Trance 
(((1VIBE, T.A.O.)))

1-Close___ DJ NOIZ – ChillStep/PsyDub & Dark Psy 


18+ Event must have ID


KENPUSHA – Psychedelic Dance Music
(1VIBE, T.A.O., Alberta)

Kenpusha hails from AB, CAN and he has been an avid electronic dance music listener since hearing his first techno beat in 1991. Expect only the best in psychedelic trance music, progressive sounds and chunky techno-y beats to get you moving to the rhythm of drum beat. Take a listen, for good mornings or late nights…this music is intentionally put together to sooth your soul…..

A DJ on the roster for Together As One and for 1 Vibe entertainment, these party crews sure know how to keep you moving on the dance/trancefloor… Thanks for the ongoing support.


DJ NOIZ – Electro/Techno/PsyTrance & Hard House.
Calgary, AB.

He’s been called a pioneer of the EDM scene in Calgary. He first started getting into mixing songs when he was only 13. His passion for Hip Hop music got him into keyboarding, producing, writing and performing hip hop for the following six years. He always loved epic rave parties and enjoyed electronic and Hip Hop music until he eventually got into Djing Psy-Trance for house parties. He exploded as a dj immediately given his former production and performing experience. Playing many different genres from Hip Hop to Psy-Trance, he dominated each one very quickly until he settled down with Electro/Techno/ Psy-Trance & Hard House to form his own Hi-tech Style Throwdown. His energy level, love for performing and mashing tracks has allowed him to Blow Up all over Calgary in only 4 years. He has played in places like; Motion Notion, Wild Afterhours, Soda, Aurora, Sal’s, Quincey’s, Habitat, Amsterdam Rhino, Vicious Circle and still enjoy’s rocking the house parties from time to time. His success with djing and promotions within Calgary, has allowed him to start his own company 1Vibe Entertainment. Providing awesome local underground club parties and even some outdoor events, creating a truck load of opportunity for all kinds of locals dj’s to rock the city.

He will make you move, that is a promise.

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