Symmetry from the Almighty Shing Shing Regime has stepped into forefront to clutch the microphone and deliver his potent lyricism over bone-chilling, hard-hitting composition. From the essence of the city which he was raised; Scarborough.


Cell Therapy is a dual project with Scarborough, Ontario producer Tha Professa.  and Symmetry’s upbringing, growth and perspectives as a young man living and learning to survive in the community-housing developments of East Toronto.


 Cell Therapy is a combination of the realities of life, with the calculated representation of Hip-Hop, such as #LemonWater. ” Cell Therapy”, this time bringing an awareness of supreme health in hip-hop form. On Cell Therapy the track #LemonWater, Symmetry teaches how to get “Shing Shing Sharp” and @ThaProfessa provides the mood for this melodic medicine.

Get Ya Glasses Up!

Cell Therapy AVAILABLE NOW !!!




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