The Good Old Radio Trumps Online Services for Music Discovery


Found this great study that breaks down how people discover new music. At first glance, you’ll quickly notice that AM/FM radio dominates with 35%, but if you really study the numbers there is more to learn. Here are a couple of key points we pulled from the data.

  • Radio has the biggest slice of the pie, but its still just a slice. A vast majority of people (65% to be exact) rely on sources outside of AM/FM radio to discover new music.
  • 35% of people discover new music through radio but… an equal percentage can be reached by combining Word of Mouth (21%), Youtube (10%) and Facebook (4%). All of which are more accessible for an independent without a huge budget.
  • Many artists are sleeping on the power of Pandora. It trails Youtube by only 1%, but is a platform inherently built to help music listeners discover new music and doesn’t require the added expense of producing a music video.
  • Twitter doesn’t even show up on the list. Couple that with the recent shutdown of music.twitter.com (a project started just a year ago to help Twitter users discover new music through Twitter) and one could assume that Twitter is not an effective medium for promoting new music.

Credits To:

Kelby Cannick
Makin’ It Magazine


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